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Kelly Flexx  2023-03-13

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Das xBoot is not the most popular slot from Nolimit City, but definitely worth your attention. Today I have collected for you 10 reviews from real players, taken from thematic forums, YouTube channels and other sources. You can not doubt the validity of these comments. Personally, I am not interested in you choosing this particular game. So my job is to show what other users think about the slot machine.

I hope that after the reviews you will be able to decide for yourself whether the slot suits you or you should choose another one. Among the comments there are also negative, without this there is no way. I hope that after the reviews you can decide for yourself whether the slot is suitable for you or you should choose another one.

1. Hit the jackpot of $1000. Many thanks to the developers of Das xBoot!

Tanishaquit 12.03.23

I can recommend Das xBoot to other players. It is the most successful slot in more than three years of playing. Refilled my balance by $50 and won more than $1000. And most of this money won in one spin, fell out a very cool bonus.


2. I didn't expect to actually be able to win anything!

Onathem 20.02.23

I used to have a negative attitude towards gambling and decided to play just for the company. I sat from my phone and chose Das xBoot. The first spin brought only losses, but after that there were about 10 good spins, which increased the deposit ten times.


3. Das xBoot - very cool! Won about $150 for an hour of play!

Ciencholomo 23.02.23

Nolimit City was a pleasant surprise. It's a pity I decided to play for $50, I could have won more. But even $150 is not worth it. In general, the score was satisfied and fell in love with this developer. Not bad bonuses that often fall - worthy of respect!


4. A great experience! Won over $300!

Terancen 29.12.22

Online casinos have become very popular, so I decided to play. I chose the site, deposited $50 via card and started playing Das xBoot. The first spin increased the bet of $1 to 20 times! Then, of course, was less, but the total account for more than three hours won $300.


5. Thought it was a scam, ended up winning $100!

Aokoton 4.01.23

In my experience, there has never been a time when I won anything! At Das xBoot I went in without serious expectations. It was nice when my $2 bet increased 65 times in one spin. After that there were few payouts, so I decided to reassure myself and withdraw the rest.


6. Easiest money I ever made!

Swanes 15.02.23

I don't even know how to explain it. I decided to have a fun weekend with friends. In the end I won the amount I earn in three weeks! But let me tell you right away, you should not get too involved in gambling.


7. Das xBoot did not live up to expectations

Qaman 17.01.23

As expected, no payout in Das xBoot as in other games!


8. Das xBoot helped me buy my family presents for the new year!

Quenniel 21.02.23

There was a difficult situation with money, and in general I did not play with my money. A friend won and helped me to please my loved ones for the New Year holidays.


9. That's just awesome! Spent about three hours and got $400!

Phigera 13.02.23

I was on vacation, so I played from the car. It's cool that slots work great on phones, I never even thought about it before. I played the reels at Das xBoot and won over $400 in a couple of successful rounds.


10. I decided to try it and I did not lose! I won over $200 in one day.

Xinerstile 15.12.22

For a long time I play slots and Das xBoot immediately interested me. Was pleasantly surprised that the game has a lot of bonuses and they are available for purchase. I, of course, did not buy anything, but still managed to get one bonus round. In fact, all the winnings were exactly in the bonus round, but winning is winning!


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